In collaboration with Explore Cuisine, we give back to those who contribute to innovation and success to the brand, which is why two percent of all Explore Cuisine worldwide proceeds go directly to the Food to Thrive Foundation.  Together we have helped to create employment and better living standards for many Thai rice farmers living in poor and underdeveloped regions and have built mutually beneficial relationships with the local communities.

Main programs include:

  • support transition period (conventional to organic) by buying transitional rice at organic price level.
  • guarantee and commit to buying organic rice in volumes and at higher cost than market price.
  • provide support to select and develop unique rice varieties which can bring differentiation.
  • donate modern machinery to improve farming conditions and increase yields. Recently donated plow.  (See pic below).


Explore Cuisine and the Food to Thrive Foundation have developed an exciting range of great tasting organic rice noodles.  Unique rice varieties from the North East regions were specially grown for pasta and noodle manufacturing.

Both Food to Thrive Foundation and Explore Cuisine are honored and proud to make a small but impactful contribution to a very special endeavour.

Partnering with local communities.  Building opportunities. Making pasta to perfection.

Donation of farm plowing equipment, February 2018 Buriram region.

Greg Forbes, CEO and Alex Pegon, Brand Manager of Explore Cuisine meeting the local rice producers in Thailand.